Pellets - 100% Class 1 6mm Irish Pellets, 100% Wood, 10 Kg Bags, 100 Bags Per Pallet


Wood pellets are renewable source of energy, made from a combination of sawdust and wood shavings, with no additives or artificial binding agents.

They are a clean source of fuel, that do not contribute to climate change. Whether they are used to heat your home or used in an industrial capacity, wood pellets offer a clean, cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Currently, there is too much reliance on harmful, expensive fossil fuels for the majority of heating. These fossil fuels took millions of years to form and are burnt at a constantly increasing rate, releasing tonnes of harmful greenhouse gases and polluting the air around us. However, as opposed to fossil fuels, wood pellets are a completely renewable source of energy , which are “carbon neutral” ie. the carbon dioxide that is released when the pellets are burned is equal to the amount the tree consumed when it was growing. Wood pellets are a high energy fuel. They are extremely dense and can be produced with a low moisture content (below 10%) that allows them to be burned at a very high combustion efficiency.

Their compact density also permits compact storage. Wood pellets provide a very clean alternative to traditional fossil fuels and can de handled easily without any mess. Ash levels are extremely low and some wood pellet boiler units remove ash completely. The small amount of ash that does remain can be used as a high grade fertilizer in the garden.


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Quality pellets are essential. Only with high-quality pellets can a reliable and trouble-free operation of the pellet stove/boiler and supply systems be guaranteed. That is why we only supply premium quality wood pellets. For more information log onto

It is important to only buy pellets with a quality mark. European standards for biomass fuels are currently being prepared by CEN (European Committee for standardisation), within the TC 335 workshop. Standards may relate to size, shape, moisture content, ash content etc. For more information on international standards contact Irish Bioenergy Association (IrBEA).

Technical Details about our Pellets

General characteristics of our wood pellets:
Calorific value 4.9 kWh/kg
Water content 8-10 %
Ash content < 0.5 %
Length 5 - 30 mm
Diameter 5 - 6 mm
Dust content on loading < 1 %